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Version History

2.0.23 November 30, 2023 Fixed a bug preventing the display of several structural features in PyMOL (issue existing since the migration to the new server on sept. 19, 2023)
2.0.22 October 6, 2023 Fixed a bug preventing the upload of certain PDB files
2.0.21 September 26, 2023 BLAST+ updated to version 2.14.1
'blastp-fast' search option now enabled by default
MAFFT updated to version 7.522
2.0.20 September 19, 2023 Migration on a new server
Switched OS from CentOS to Debian 11
BLAST+ updated to version 2.13.0
MAFFT updated to version 7.505
Heavy code refactoring and cleaning was performed
Bug in multipage PNG files rendering was fixed
Minor GUI bugs fixed and browser interoperability improved
2.0.11 September 17, 2021 BLAST+ updated to version 2.12.0
Sequence databases switched to NCBI BLAST format v5
MAFFT updated to version 7.487
Improvement in overall performance
2.0.10 March 10, 2021 Server fully switched to HTTPS protocole
Jalview export fixed, now using JalviewJS
Fixed the export to Phylodendron web server
Added the export to NCBI's Tree Viewer web server
MAFFT updated to version 7.475
ProFit updated to version 3.3
Fixed some minor bugs
Improved the 'Usage Statistics' page
Corrected broken links in the documentation
2.0.9 May 14, 2018 ENDscript is now interfaced with ArDock, a Web server using arbitrary docking to reveal potential interaction sites on the surface of a protein
2.0.8 August 16, 2017 Added two new options: 'Residue conservation rescaling' and 'Substitute MSE residues to MET'
JalviewLite applet has been replaced by the Jalview Desktop viewer
Added some GUI improvements
Updated 'User Guide' section
2.0.7 April 26, 2017 Clustal Omega updated to version 1.2.4
BLAST+ updated to version 2.6.0
Databases updated to handle the NCBI 'accession.version' identifiers
Improvement in overall performance
2.0.6 October 17, 2016 Clustal Omega updated to version 1.2.3
MAFFT updated to version 7.305b
Slight improvement in overall performance
2.0.5 April 28, 2015 Slight improvement in PDF rendering quality
2.0.3 September 9, 2014 The 'Rebcross' game is online!
2.0.3 July 3, 2014 Minor updates in 'Commented Example' and 'Citing ENDscript' sections
2.0.3 April 14, 2014 ENDscript 'Usage Statistics' are now available
'Inspector Web' episode 14 is online too!
2.0.3 March 24, 2014 MAFFT and MSAProbs can now be selected in the list of multiple sequence alignment programs
2.0.2 February 25, 2014 A 'F.A.Q.' section is available
2.0.2 January 17, 2014 You can examine ENDscript results with the online JalviewLite viewer
A downloadable file allows to import ENDscript results in Jalview Desktop
Added some minor GUI improvements
Updated 'User Guide' section
2.0.1 January 7, 2014 Added some minor GUI improvements
2.0.0 December 23, 2013 Public initial release
2.0.beta October, 2013 Private beta-testing version
2.0.alpha March, 2013 Private alpha-testing version

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